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Stop Tracking Employee Time on Punch Cards


It’s amazing how a single technological innovation can remove inefficiency and confusion that has been baked into many industries for generations. In this case, we’re talking about child daycare. The company at the root of this particular innovation is called SkyChildCare and its simple and intuitive solutions are making childcare safer and more professional for all involved. The management tools that SkyChildCare incorporated into its cloud-based app won’t change the basic elements of childcare, but it simply makes childcare businesses a lot easier to conduct and keep track of.


For people who run professional daycare centers, there are specific challenges unknown to people outside of the business. For example, things get most hectic during certain times of the day, and it doesn’t always have to do with the children themselves. Oftentimes, it’s first thing in the morning. Let’s put ourselves in the situation. You are a second year daycare owner and manager. You’re a local entrepreneur and more than two dozen families have come to count on you to watch their children while they’re at work.

So, from 6:00-8:30 a.m., your front office is awash with sleep-deprived parents dropping off energetic children. For many years, the only way to check children and staff in was to have a paper log system, or (worse) to rely on memory. In today’s cultural and regulatory environment, it is no longer acceptable to have a check-in system that only works most of the time. SkyChildCare provides a truly elegant solution to this specific problem.

Replacing the old notepad or sign-in book is a tablet equipped with SkyChildCare technology, which is accessible from any Internet browser or you can download the app. When the morning rush happens, adults have to sign children in one at a time. Because there are often family issues that have ramifications for who can and cannot drop-off or pick-up any given child, each authorized guardian is equipped with a PIN number. No PIN, no drop-off or pick-up. It’s a safety measure, and it’s a way of making attendance tracking much, much easier to record.

The same goes for staffing attendance. It’s likely that, in the above scenario, you’ll have plenty of employees arriving before or during the morning rush of children, parents, and guardians. SkyChildCare checks in employees just like parents and children. You won’t have to fiddle with stacks of punch cards, or rely on pen and paper to give a perfectly accurate portrayal of how much work was done and by whom in a single day. Digital solutions like the ones offered by SkyChildCare are accurate to the second, and are more intuitive than any other solution.

There is more to SkyChildCare than their attendance solutions, but it’s important to illustrate in some detail what this single aspect can do for a business. SkyChildCare has a whole suite of easy-to-use technology solutions, which make it a lot more economical to manage the business and operations of childcare. For home-based daycare providers, SkyChildCare offers a free option to get you started. It’s not easy to do this business well, but SkyChildCare is an excellent step forward, making it safer, more efficient, and smoother in operation for everyone involved.