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Technology Affects Teens’ Emotional Intelligence! Protect Them Using Parental Controls


Technology influences your teen’s emotional intelligence. Before going into the details of how; let’s have a look at the definition of Emotional Intelligence. According to the words of Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, “Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.” Next comes:

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How Technology Affects Teen’s Emotional Intelligence?

Technology use and the emotional intelligence are not proportional. The greater the use of technology, the lower will be the emotional intelligence of the person using it. This directs us to the fact that teens spend most of their time with their gadget and other digital tools. Using their gadgets, they make friends digitally and when it comes to their feeling or expressions, they use emoji and emoticons. Ultimately they start forgetting about how to behave in the real interactions and then their behavior becomes robotic where you don’t find any feeling.

How can you Protect them?

Just as you protect your teens from other ailments, it is your obligation to protect them from lower emotional intelligence too. To do that, you can set parental controls on their use. To implement the controls, try FamilyTime which is an advanced parental control app that helps parents in a number of ways but the most served here are:

  1. Parents can set limits for their teen’s phone use
  2. They can remotely lock their teen’s phone anytime anywhere
  3. Blacklist apps that their teens use most


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Prioritize offline connections

Taking help of technology is the best resort, but you can ask your teen to prioritize offline connections so they learn the emotions and expressions from real interaction in addition to setting parental controls on their devices. Be tech-savvy and practice friendly parenting!