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The Evolution Of Gaming In The Last 20 Years


The evolution of gaming has been fast and huge over the years. The gaming industry has gone through rapid change and growth. This is evident from the early century mathematical game. Today it is the digital and computer games. Since its being a business in the 1950s, gaming is now among the most profitable ventures in the world. In the last 20 years alone, games developers have become more creative. The earlier still pictures and images now have movement and sound. The scenery in the game setting is beautiful and appears almost live. The gamers today are both children and adults. Developers are setting aside large budgets to create appealing games. From computer games to online casino games, this is how far gaming has come:

Yearly Release of Video Games

The brand ‘Mario’ dates back to the 1990s. It’s ‘Super Mario World’ game is famous and popular. The game has different styles of playing. Many people are familiar with this game having been the only one for over five years. The length of time before releasing a new video game keeps changing. The release of “Super Mario 64” five years later, marks the beginning of this change. The ‘Mario’ brand releases a new game series each year, e.g. New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy and others. They want to keep up with the changing trends and category of gamers. Although this appears good for the business, the ‘Mario’ series may lose popularity. Like the ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’, it can drop out of the scene. This is common practice with other games developing companies.

Gaming Apps

The gaming app evolves from the 1993 coin operated machines. The now popular games such as the Turtles in Time are products of these machines. Street Fighter II and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are among them too. The coin-operated machines (the arcades) are now ‘old fashioned’. With the new technology, it is now possible for a player to enjoy the games at home. Unlike in the past, the games are no longer in a cabinet. The games are available in an app form ready for downloading into a computer or mobile device. The games have clear and advanced graphics and high-quality sound. With many people accessing the games, developers are also earning more profits.

Entertainment Ratings Board

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) handles classifying video games. It labels them appropriate to an age group depending on the content. This board has begun its work only after 1993 to control game content for children. Earlier video games have violent content. Digital devices have games suitable for children as well as adults. People believe that violent video games influence real-life behavior. They demand that developers display an Entertainment Software Rating Board (ERSB) label on games. Many shopping outlets do not sell games without ERSB labels. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo cannot allow unlicensed games in their devices. The evolution of gaming will continue into the future. The video game restriction will get tougher as well.

More Digital Games

Some companies restrict games to a particular playing gadget and system. For instance, the original Xbox is the system for “Halo.” Nintendo is for the ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘The Legend of Zelda’, as well as ‘Mario’. Game developing companies now get huge profits from the games. They want their games on various systems, especially computer and digital devices. An example is the Final Fantasy game series that is in various systems. No matter the platform, games have the same features and names. Where one device offers exclusive downloadable material, another one gives special supporting features. Developers ensure that the games content remains similar. There is stiff competition for game players who add up to more profits. Most of these players visit online casinos to play their favorite games and take advantage of the best casino promotions while playing. Casinos offer such promotions in a bid to withstand competition from their counterparts so they can attract as many players as possible.

Internet Gaming

The most visible evolution of gaming in the last 20 years is the internet. Unlike in 1993, gaming is no longer a solitary affair. Today a gamer can connect and play with several players online. You can compete with gamers from all over the world from your computer. Online multiplayer allows players to challenge one another live. This is possible only when there is an internet connection. There are community forums where gamers interact and chat on any subject about gaming. Gamers go a step further by posting videos on YouTube where they give tutorials on game playing.

The change in video games over the last 20 years is tremendous. Society is wary of violent video games that influence the character of children. Companies unable to embrace modern technology and innovation are closing shop. We remain to see how far the evolution of gaming will go in future.