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The History Of Cell Phones – An Infographic


The emergence of the present day slim and sleek smartphones is not a sudden happening.  It is the result of a  journey of evolvement, from the times when phones used to be as heavy as the weight of two small babies  to the present era  when you can carry your phone with just  two fingers alone.

The guys at Broadband Choices have designed a wonderful infographic covering history of mobile phones.


You get to read through the associated chronological events right from the eighties when the first cellphone Motorola Dyna TAC 8000×83 came into being. From facts as interesting as ‘when was the first TV advert of mobile phones  released’ to segments like ‘Smartphones outselling computers’, this is a fully factual page that would enrich you with knowledge.

An idea of the features to be incorporated in future cellphones is also put up pictorially. The very popular debate ‘Apple v/s Android’  has been described so artistically like never before.