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The Things Brands Should Never Do On Social Media 


Social media is a popular tool in our modern society, whether it’s for individuals sharing various pictures from their daily lives, influencers keen to market themselves, or big brands promoting a new product. It’s the world we now live in. 

There’s an array of social media platforms to choose from too. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to be widely used, with relatively new introductions like TikTok now gathering huge momentum too. When it comes to a brand marketing its services on social media, it’s a saturated space, which is why it pays to have a solid plan to maximise a campaign’s reach. 

Massive sports brands like Nike have built up a huge following, alongside gaming brands stepping back in time into the Wild West with Dead or Alive slot and sharing new creations, plus smaller businesses, such as local coffee shops or estate agencies. Social media is a productive tool for so many different companies. There have been some horror stories, though. 

So, to avoid your business falling into the same trap, here’s a look at some things brands should never do on social media. 

Out of touch with current trends 

It certainly pays for a brand to stay up to date with all the current trends. For example, there’s no use in attempting to share a dabbing video in 2020 when dabbing has well and truly had its time. The worst thing a social media brand can come across as is a cringe-worthy dad trying to be cool in front of their child’s friends. Know your audience, know the current trends, and adapt your content accordingly. 

Posting insensitive content 

It goes without saying, but avoid posting insensitive or offensive material. What you might find humorous others might find insulting, therefore making it incredibly important to avoid any potentially controversial topics or sharing any personal views that could offend. 

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Confusing your business account with your personal account 

Several big brands have fallen foul to this in the past, which can lead to a whole lot of embarrassment and a potential job loss. To avoid confusing your business account with your personal account, always check which account you’re signed into before posting. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t check, Tweet something, then have to quickly delete it before it reaches the masses. Sadly, sometimes they’re too late, and a screengrab has already been done. 

Getting angry at negative comments 

There’s no use asking for feedback on a service or a product you offer if you’re going to get angry when people reply with any negative feedback. Use the negativity to fuel your brand’s progression, remain professional at all times, and try to solve any problems with a customer instead of being aggressive or disagreeing with them. 

Forgetting your mission to enrich your followers’ lives 

The reason people will follow your brand on social media is to keep up to date with news and offers and the like, but also to feel part of a community and support a brand they clearly endorse. If you’re not fulfilling your part of the bargain, though, and constantly shove promotional material down their throats or offer them no helpful information at all, then you’re essentially failing. From there, your followers could lessen, and your brand could be harmed. 

Limiting your brand to one platform 

Not all brands are suited to all social media platforms, but most are. Assess the space and which platform your target audience is likely to be using. If it’s more than one, get on more than one.