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Top 5 Digital Watches Worth Buying


Trendy and voguish smart watches are surely holding the spotlight at present; however, when it comes to great features, better battery life, and enhanced resilience, nothing can match digital watches. Here is a list of 5 best digital watches that are worth a try. A detailed list of more such watches can be found on Crush Reviews.

1. Weloop Tommy Smart Bluetooth Watch

Weloop Tommy Smart Bluetooth Watch is a highly enduring digital watch that is 5ATM waterproof and can be used for water sports as well as outdoor sports. The watch is 50 meters waterproof that allows you to wear it even when you are driving, swimming, or surfing. Here are its main features: music control, which plays music in the phone; daily activity, which keeps a track of your exercise on a daily basis; notifications, which receives the notifications of calls, messages, and mails.

Moreover, the watch requires charging just 17 times per year and possesses the capability of remote shooting or remote camera phone video. Also, it is made up of a rugged body of high-strength mineral glass mirror.

2. L12S OLED Bluetooth Bracelet Watch

L12S OLED Bluetooth Bracelet Watch is highly trendy having some impeccable features. The watch is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS Apple, Blackberry, and Nokia Symbian phones. It has an amazing SMS remind and read feature due to which the watch vibrates when there is a new message, which can be read on the screen directly.

The watch possesses mobile sync music player, which lets you enjoy music synchronized through the bracelet, while connecting your smart phone with the bracelet by means of Bluetooth. Also, the feature of call remind and Id display reminds you of an incoming call while you are moving around or driving, and the call gets answered or rejected automatically without even taking phone out of the pocket.

3. Digicare ERI Smart Bluetooth Watch

Digicare ERI Smart Bluetooth Watch is an IPX 67 waterproof and lightweight watch. The watch comes with long battery life together with express and sensitive capacitive touch. It primarily handles your health and sports seamlessly. The watch can feel your temperate precisely, because of its TAIL built-in surface temperature sensor. There is no adverse effect on your health, even if you keep wearing the watch for 24 hours constantly. It helps you relief the disorder cell, balance body current, and renew your strength and mental condition.

4. RWATCH M26 LED Bluetooth Watch

RWATCH M26 LED Bluetooth Watch is a beautiful watch that is available in multiple colors. The watch lets you dial and answer the call on your phone when it connected with the phone. Also, when the watch is connected with your mobile phone, you can scan the information stored in your mobile from RWATCH, and also it given an alarm at a distance over 15m. In addition, the watch comes with passometer that helps you in your physical exercise anytime and altitude meter that is a great assistant for your outdoor activities.

5. TVG KM-468 Seal Elite Military LED Watch

TVG KM-468 Seal Elite Military LED Watch is a classic LED watch that showcases great taste with noble experience. The watch possesses high light LED and low carbon environmental protection. In addition, it is made up of stainless steel band with butterfly clasp. Its highlighted features include 3ATM water resistant, alarm, month, shockproof, date, illuminated indication, stainless steel, and others. The watch has sapphire mirror that possesses high strength and resistance to abrasion.

These are the list of 5 digital watches you ought to know about. Consider Gearbest.com to buy digital smartwatches as you can find the best deals on this site.

So which one you are going to buy?