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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Travelers


Every modern traveler should have in his phone a number of applications that will allow him to do a number of things: book Medford Hotels, rent a car, buy burning tours, select sights to see and see reviews of popular places. To free up your memory on your phone and save you time, we have made a collection of 5 apps that every tourist should have!


1. Foursquare

A guide app that shows the nearest venues. Works with geo-data – defines the location of a person and immediately shows all the interesting places nearby: from parks, squares, to large restaurants, hotels, and various attractions. The only disadvantage of the application is that it does not work without an Internet connection. A small bonus for all users – you can leave places on the map where you have been and share with your friends and acquaintances.

2. On-Life

The social system of the third millennium based on the Blockchain is a well-known application in the tourist world. Its main function is to fight against fake reviews. The application is transparent, has 4 degrees of protection against fakes and pays for useful content to all users. There are also special quintiles for those who want to move but do not know detailed information about the necessary documents, nuances in the law and so on. The application has its own rating system for each business area, each owner can get free clients, provided that he has a quality product or service.


3. Couchsurfing

The service that can help each tourist to spend the night for free or for a small service is worth telling. It is an online application, available worldwide, has its own security system and reviews, which show how comfortable a stay in each place is. The application is available for users 18+, registration is free, but for account verification, which allows you to make unlimited requests for overnight stay costs $ 60. A high level of security and a competent organization obliges every self-respecting tourist to download this application to their smartphone.


The application has all world maps that can be downloaded and used offline. The functionality is wide: you can build routes for cyclists, motorists, search for objects, import data and explore information about places on the map. You can use without the Internet in full functionality – you can create routes, mark places.

5. Foodspotting

Application for tourists who came to an unfamiliar city and want to eat. There are various filters that select applications for pricing, range of dishes, the number of positive reviews. The application has segmentation by class: cafes, bars, restaurants, canteens. Any tourist can choose the best place to eat.


The apps will make it easy for you to travel, some of them will help you choose a place to spend your leisure time, others will help you build routes, and some of them are universal – they will prompt you to find interesting places, provide information for moving and give you an opportunity to earn money. And what’s better: 4 different apps or one that saves space and your smartphone battery?