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Top 5 Software for Dissertation Writing


Ask any college or university student, writing a dissertation or thesis is not an easy task. Writing work requires hard work, dedication and a certain level of expertise. Writing your dissertation is rigorous and time-consuming but it can be made easy if you use the best online tools and apps.

This makes it all the more important to choose the right tools for the job. A basic word processor program just isn’t cut out for the task ahead of you. You need a program that will help you be more productive, and which can handle large, multi-chaptered documents of various formats. Here is the list of the top dissertation software you must try.

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Scrivener is a fantastic piece of well-rounded software for writers, and it can help you achieve the goals more efficiently. Scrivener is an all-in-one program that can handle writing, formatting, note-taking and project management. All of these features will help you save a lot of precious time that could be put to use in a better way.

Scrivener is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and iOS devices. The user interface is easy to understand and use and allows you to set goals and create a personal database.

Another useful feature is that Scrivener supports a wide variety of file formats. Scrivener does away with the need to switch between programs because you can simply split the program into multiple windows. If you use it properly, Scrivener can be an invaluable piece of dissertation software.


Mendeley is a literature management tool, reference manager, research tool, and social network. Mendeley will allow you to organize your research and will allow you to access a huge amount of research that is relevant to the topic of study.

Mendeley automatically syncs with a cloud service, which is a handy feature. You can import the files into the Mendeley library simply by dragging and dropping. A browser extension, called Mendeley Web Importer, allows you to import documents found online.

Mendeley’s social component allows you to interact and collaborate with other researchers much easier. Being able to easily communicate with your peers can reinvigorate your creativity.

Mendeley is a must-have for all new and experienced writers. The ability to access relevant research papers, generate citations and organize references makes Mendeley a premier academic writing app. When it comes to organizing, very few apps come even close.

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Ref-N-Write is a very useful piece of dissertation writing software. Ref-N-Write can be a major boon to those whose first language isn’t English, and anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

Ref-N-Write functions as a Microsoft Word add-in and this enables the writing tool to automatically suggest changes to make sure that the tone and vocabulary are appropriate for your field of research.

Ref-N-Write has a phrase bank of over 20 000 frequently used phrases in academia. You can also import relevant documents, allowing you to match the style of a specific paper.

The program will allow you to refine the writing and gain confidence. Ref-N-Write will help you achieve clarity in communication. The best of the academic writers work with it to continuously develop a prowess in writing and editing.


Grammarly is a handy tool that helps you correct the spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors. When doing a dissertation, writing sessions can go on for long periods. Manually re-reading the document is tedious and time-consuming. This is where Grammarly can make the process much easier.

Grammarly checks the text for punctuation, spelling, context, and sentence structure and many other parameters. It will also alert you for common errors such as passive voice misuse or inappropriate colloquialisms.

One of the most notable features of Grammarly is the plagiarism checker which is included in the premium version of the program. The plagiarism checker cross-references the text with 16 billion web pages to determine if the writing is unique or not. This feature also functions as a great reminder to cite your sources.


EndNote is one of the most convenient tools for research students. EndNote supports many citation formats and can automatically generate a bibliography for the references in a text. You can sync the EndNote library with multiple devices, as well as a reliable cloud service.

EndNote allows you to import references directly from trusted online sources such as PubMed, Web of Science, and Google Scholar. The program also supports a wide variety of reference types and pre-set formats. EndNote is reliable even when dealing with a huge quantity of citations.

You can easily integrate it with Word to make your work easy. Finding sources, organizing references and notes looks easy while using the tool.


Writing a thesis is a large and important part of your academic journey. It’s a complex undertaking that will require full attention, as well as a lot of critical thinking. In such circumstances, you do not have the time or energy to spare when you are already loaded with so many other things that go on in your college or university.

All of the process, from writing, proofreading, to citing sources and researching, should be optimized. The programs we’ve covered will allow you to focus on your area of study and achieve the best results. These tools will give you structure and allow you to be more focused and productive.