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What Are The Advantages Of An Android Box?


More and more Android TV boxes are cropping up in households across North America, but are they really worth it? What are the advantages of these devices? Let’s take a closer look at why so many people are opting for these boxes over standard cable.

One of the biggest advantages of an Android TV box is its versatility. With the ability to download apps from the Google Play store, an Android TV box changes your TV watching experience into something completely new. These boxes allow you to watch 1080p videos on your TV with ease. Android TV boxes are fantastic for people who want to expand their definition of what TV watching is.


The features of an Android box are the number-one reason people buy them. In addition to being able to watch high-definition video on your TV, Android boxes allow users to browse the web, use more than 500,000 apps and play games right on their TV without having to have an additional game console.

The social aspect of having an Android box is another popular feature. Users can, for example, share interesting websites and news stories right from the TV, check email, chat online through various services, and more. Android boxes change the way we use our TVs. The convenience of being able to use the internet from the TV is a very popular feature. Because the TV screen is used instead of a phone screen, tablet screen, or laptop, everything is easier to see. That means that it is a more enjoyable experience to watch videos, share photos, and more, on a big screen.

Let’s say you want to show your wife a funny video you saw on YouTube. There was a time you’d have to either get your laptop to show her the video. Then, you could show her on your phone. Nowadays, with  the invention of the Android TV box, you can simply go online with a few clicks of your remote and bring up that video right on your living room TV.


Android boxes also allow viewers to watch shows from around the world, content they might never otherwise get to see.

These days, standard cable is rapidly becoming obsolete, thanks in no small part to the advent of the Android TV box. Whereas there was a time when a TV was used solely for the purposes of watching regularly scheduled TV shows, these days, our TV watching time is so much more. We go online, we interact with others, we share media, we stream movies and videos, and more. And with the consistently growing popularity of the Android TV box, that trend isn’t about to change any time soon. The Android box has redefined TV time for so many households, and there’s no sign of it stopping.