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Why Have Online Casinos Become So Popular?


It is estimated that by 2018, a total of 164 million people worldwide will be using mobile devices to access online gambling. The online gambling market is now worth billions and is an industry that is continuing to grow as technology continues to advance.

The industry is certainly taking advantage of advancing technology and is increasingly becoming worth more and more as it does so.

2014 is proved to be a momentous year in the development of the internet and online entertainment, driving the force for changes in the wonderful world of technology. For the first time ever, mobile platforms outperformed desktops in terms of total internet usage.

This was something largely seen in the US with 55% of internet use now through mobile devices, with 47% coming from apps and the remaining 8% via browsing.

It’s no secret that online casinos are forever looking for ways to attract new customers. Those are at the top of their game have all embraced the growth in mobile use.

Online casinos did this with greater readiness than many other rival web-industries and as a result, have reaped the rewards. It is predicted that worldwide revenues from mobile gambling will top $100billion by the end of the year.

Two of the main reasons for the speedy uptake of mobile casinos are convenience and mobility. Smartphones allow online casinos to be accessed at any time and place, whether it’s a daily commute, lunch hour, bedtime, dawn, you name it.

It’s now easier than ever to play casino games on your smartphone with mobile casinos allowing you to play your favorite games on the likes of slotsites.com in pretty much any setting you like.

However, whilst technology is fascinatingly advanced and online casinos have developed and enhanced their technology an untold amount, they have done so in a way that makes playing at a mobile casino very straightforward.

This means that the experience for users isn’t overcomplicated, enticing players to return. In addition to this, free games and bonuses are offered to new mobile users, factors largely responsible for revenue derived from such sites.

Leading online casino software developers are now creating games in versions specially optimized for use on phones and tablets on all major operating platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, and windows.

And all the games are comparable enough to rival any established desktop casino game. Mobile casinos either provide access to such games via the phone’s internet browser, or rather, their own specialised apps.

4G technology also means an internet connection is no longer required to access a mobile casino. Players have the option to sync their online casino accounts across a series of devices which means access even easier.

Although the popularity of internet casino games such as slots has risen and there is now an abundance of such sites, players should exercise caution when selecting which mobile casino to play at and stick with reputable sites.

Players should only opt for mobile casinos that host games from well-established international software companies – these are certified to provide a fair gaming environment.

Mobile casinos should also be licensed by the gaming authority from which they operate. Additionally, they should be accredited by an international testing agency that certifies its pay-out percentages as well as the integrity of its games.