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Why PHP Language Is Still So Popular In Web Development?


You would be surprised to know more than 380 websites are created every minute. People are getting used to the online information source. Websites and web-based applications are the only media by which the users can extract the information in a hassle freeway. But developing such websites requires programming skills. And this where things become tricky since web developers have to choose the perfect language to create a stunning website. Though the developers have plenty of options PHP seems to own the heat of the skilled developers. Let’s find some of the key reasons for which PHP is still so popular in web development.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to coding hundreds of lines, we all aware of the complexities associated with web development projects. But if you start using the PHP as your primary language to develop the websites, you can expect to get the work done without having any hassle.

It’s more like writing simple articles. Due to its simplified nature, the developers often consider it as the best language to develop complex projects. Though the functions and other features of this language are very easy to understand the program can handle tough projects without having any issue.

Associated Cost

If you start using the PHP, you don’t have to spend a dime since it’s an open-source framework. Being free doesn’t mean it is not powerful enough to meet the developer’s requirements. Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Word press etc. relies on PHP language. The developers love to create a unique project with zero cost. And when it comes to PHP, you are getting the opportunity to build a website by using the premium features of this language. So, those who are looking for a powerful free framework, PHP might be the best solution.


One of the key reasons for which PHP Software development has gain huge popularity lies within its versatility. If you develop a web-based application or software-based using different language, you are going to have integration issues. But PHP language allows you to work seamlessly for different popular platforms like UNIX, Linux, and Windows. Furthermore, you can also use the language to integrate complex applications to MySQL or Apace. The developers love to work with versatility and PHP seems to meet the standard requirement of the programmers.

Extensions And Additional Add – On

The programmers often find it hard to extend the project scope when dealing with a complex web development project like PWA. But such issues can be solved easily by PHP language. The developers have unique access to add more functionalities to their program without affecting the core purpose of the applications.

To be precise, PHP allows developers to secure a perfect environment for the end-users. On the contrary, if you rely on other languages, bringing minor changes will be a tough task. But with the help of PHP, you can solve complex issues just by developing a plugin for the specific task.

Vast Community

If you are looking at the PHP community, you will be surprised to see its free online resources. Start from the starters ending with the skilled programmers, everyone is sharing their knowledge via articles, posts, and video tutorials. So, if you ran into a problem, you can expect to get the perfect solution which is very hard to find in other languages.

Since this is an open-source programming language you don’t have to think about spending money to learn new things. The skilled developers are very helpful and the community is growing big at an exponential rate. Moreover, the language is much secured and it can protect your websites from unwanted cyber threats. So, considering all the pros, the downside of the PHP language is negligible when it comes to sophisticated and high standard web-based applications.