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5 Reasons To Get A VPN Today


Each of us has heard of popular VPN apps. They are reportedly making users lives easier giving them the splendid opportunity of staying invisible when browsing the web.

Users claim that people, who use public networks without VPNs are under huge threat. Hackers are watching us and being ready to attack for our private data. It often ends up with identity thefts.

We have decided to make a thorough research on this topic and find out is it a panacea for all users’ fears or just a well-plaid marketing trick.

After trying a few apps in action we have unveiled basic options for each VPN software. All of them share five common features.

vpn edge

IP mask and banned content

Every VPN app is connected to virtual servers. As soon as the user goes online it automatically hides their IP addresses and masks them with virtual ones.

Local trolls promise to identify your address via IP? Tell them to go for it. Soon they can find themselves somewhere in Namibia.

Want access to blocked content? No problem! VPNs redirect you to some distant server located in the country where access is aloud. For example, Buffered VPN has 31 servers in different countries.

We all know that government blocks some information for our safety, but sometimes we really need that cool video or exciting article.

It also helps for local use. If your company banned all social networks for their employees – get a VPN at your mobile gadget and enjoy texting with friends via company’s Wi-Fi. No one will ever notice that.

vpn encryption

Anonymity and Encryption

It is well-known that our providers record our logs. Each step we take online gets folded in their server. It is quite creepy when you start thinking on that.

VPN solves this problem making users completely invisible for everyone. No one will ever notice you are online unless you tell them.

It also hides all passwords. They are neither saved in cache nor shown up. There hardly is anyone capable of seeing them but you. Browser history remains clean as well. Feel free to visit any website you want.

Afraid of anyone can read your messages? With this software they remain encrypteduntil the recipient unlocks them with a private key.

When sending an email, add the new user to your chain and exchange private keys. That usually takes seconds. After that even if anyone gets in between you and stills your texts – they will be shown as a raw of weird symbols.

Hate those ads that pop up everywhere? Every time we check something on Google, browser remembers it stuffing every page we visit with irritating teasers. They offer goods and services we can find ourselves.

VPNs know how much we hate that making all our moves invisible. Even for Google spies.