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5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is Popular Than Ever


In the face of new marketing campaigns, SMS marketing has proved to be best and most effective over the years. One may wonder what’s behind its popular appeal to all categories of entrepreneurs. The answers are not far-fetched. In this article, we are going to look at five reasons SMS marketing is more popular than other mediums of advertising.

Affordable And Accessible  

SMS marketing is the most affordable marketing campaign to launch. It is relatively cheap to reach out to customers via SMS and get their feedback through the same channel. Furthermore, it is accessible to everyone with a mobile phone. When we consider the exponential rise in the number of people using a mobile phone nowadays, we begin to understand the power of SMS marketing. Without internet connection, sellers can always reach their customers. As a result, business owners can always run their marketing campaigns to their customers wherever they are.

High Open Rates

Research has shown that the open rates of SMS is 98% and feedback comes almost immediately when it is received. Hence, the most effective way to ensure a targeted customer opens a marketing campaign message is through top bulk SMS marketing companies. Compared to other social media platforms that might not reach the target audience. At some points, before the advent of smartphones, the popularity of email marketing diminished since there are no popups notifications when the customer gets the message; but with SMS marketing, customers were sure to get notified on their phones.

Makes Customers Feel Special

Customers actually want to know and have this belief that you have their best interest in mind. They want to know you actually care. So, over the years , sellers have found a way of showing to customers that they actually care through SMS marketing. Sellers have been able to build customer’s trust through SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing Creates Urgency

Tactically, business owners use SMS marketing to create a sense of urgency through the message passed to customers. Most customers would not want to lose out from any amazing offer the seller is giving in the promotional ad. This sense of urgency drives sale as the customers then wants to purchase the goods or services as soon as possible. Hence, through SMS marketing, sellers have created a sense of urgency in customers. This sense of urgency created in the buyer also accounts for the popularity of the best SMS marketing companies like https://Jooksms.com today.

SMS Marketing Is Versatile

Unlike in traditional marketing campaigns, in which customers face one ad concept, SMS marketers’ send can run different personalized marketing campaigns. From promotional ads to felicitation messages, the seller can captivate the customers in various ways. By captivating the interest of customers through SMS marketing sellers are able to build and sustain customers’ loyalty, trust and interest. 

In conclusion, we cannot underestimate the impact of SMS marketing campaigns in the development of a business enterprise. Its impressive tactics that captivates the customers and demand their utmost loyalty makes it the preferable choice for all forms of businesses.