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Affiliate Marketing Can Sometimes Lead You Astray


If you’ve ever wondered how affiliate fraud works, then you should read our article and find out if online tipsters are cheating on you and what does it have to do with social networks.

Affiliate marketing in the industries of sports betting and online casinos have become a serious business in recent years. There are a number of types of affiliate sites, so many are focusing on just one branch of the industry (sports betting, poker, online casino), while others try to be all-in-one affiliate sites.

All of these websites have only one goal, and that is to make a profit from their users, and that profit can be earned in a variety of ways (fair and unfair). That is why we decided to write this article and point out to our readers that in addition to fair affiliate sites, there are also those whose only goal is to profit from the losses of their users, which is by no means a good way of doing business.

How to Notice the Difference Between Fair and Unfair Affiliate Tips Site?

The times when it was necessary to spend hours reading various forums and chat groups in order to find correct and verified information by a trusted tipster are long gone. Forums and chat groups have become old-fashioned with the development of social networks, and tipsters have switched from forums to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and, more recently, Instagram.

With the development of the Internet, the world of sports betting and online casinos has continued to evolve on a daily basis and it is becoming extremely difficult to find tipsters or a group of them, who are honest and willing to share their predictions absolutely free. Of course, there are still such people, but it is extremely difficult to filter quality people in the sea of those who try to deceive their followers. For those who do not really know what tipsters are – they are persons or more people who work in a team, and who regularly write free (or for a certain amount of money) analyzes and bets that predict how certain sports events will end.

We are writing all this because lately, it has become a trend to create small sites that offer tipster services (for free or for a certain price), as well as sites with reviews of the best sports bookmakers, which actually affiliate sites. In order not to generalize things, there are sites that are affiliate and who actually do their jobs fairly. These sites may make money from their users’ losses, but they never deliberately try to get users to spend large amounts of money.

Loud, Intrusive, and Irritating

There are several things that are identical with every fraudulent affiliate site, and those things, or signals, can help you notice in time that the site you visited, or the account on the social network, is definitely run by a person who does not care if you will make a profit or not. First of all, on social networks, such accounts have a large number of followers (60k-70k, sometimes even more), who are certainly not organically obtained followers but are mostly paid followers, so-called bots. These numbers of followers affect the bettors, who believe that a large number of followers automatically guarantees quality service, which is certainly not true.

In addition to a large number of followers, generally, all unfair affiliate sites have an extremely colorful and intrusive webpage or account design on social media, with many visual stimuli affecting the bettor’s subconscious. Here we primarily mean images of an easy life, as well as images of large amounts of money, expensive cars, and expensive jewelry.

Unlike them, fair affiliate sites try to provide their users with as much accurate and precise information as possible, i.e. how to beat online sports bookmakers and casinos and do not advertise easy earnings nor promote dubious sports betting websites just to make their own profit.

They make educational articles and honest reviews of sports betting bookmakers, and in that way promote the sports betting industry, earning their commissions in a fair way. Even if they offer analyzes and bets on their sites, they never try to deceive their users, but transparently present their results, no matter how successful or unsuccessful they may be.

How Does the Sports Betting Industry See Affiliate Accounts?

At the moment, affiliate tipsters and sites generally operate on the border of the gray zone in the sports betting industry. Especially unfair affiliate sites behave very incorrectly and cast a shadow on the fair ones because they give tips to a large number of games a day and simply ‘force’ their users and readers to register on the sites and bet without any responsible behavior.

Quality sites – some of which are mobile-friendly and listed at bookmaker-expert.com/bookmakers/mobile-bookmakers/ – always promote responsible gambling and thus educate their users about the most important segments of sports betting, such as money management, or which are the best systems for sports betting.


Unfair affiliate accounts associated with sports betting and online casinos are actually the ‘cancer’ of this interesting industry. However, it is very difficult to find the right mode to eradicate this phenomenon. This is primarily due to the fact that there is quite a solid number of fair sites that deal with affiliate marketing, and it would not be right that affiliate marketing is completely banned for such websites.

However, players and followers should be aware that there are fraudulent affiliate sites, which consciously force them to lose in order to make a profit for themselves, which is really unfair and immoral. Sports betting should be fun and sometimes profitable, but with low-quality affiliate accounts, you will certainly not make a profit, but most likely go bankrupt very quickly.

Therefore, our advice is to be careful and to review in detail the history of posts and bets of all sites to make sure that you are not on a fraudulent site.