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How SEOs Can Work with the Sales Team to Drive Business Growth


When you hire a SEO agency there are going to be plenty of questions about how your sales team can work with your search engine optimization team. However, there are plenty of ways they can work together to ensure that your business is growing without stepping on the toes of the other team. Each team should share the same goals, which would be to increase the business, so here are some ways that they can work together easily. 

How SEO And Sales Teams Should Work Together

If you are going to pair up your sales team along with your search engine optimization team there are a few things you should consider. You should think about the areas where they would work well together and where they can help your business to grow, including:

. Reaching The Right Audiences

Any good strategy for search engine optimization requires more than increasing the traffic to your website, but instead getting in front of the ideal people. These people are your target audiences and this is where they need to work together to create the right strategy, including with keyword research. If you have input for your sales team, then you might find keywords that you would have never thought of, including the long tail keywords.

. Understanding And Refining Processes

Even if you are working in the search engine optimization team you want to be able to thoroughly understand the sales process. This is where the sales team can help you and they can explain to you various things like job titles and target audiences and so much more. The easier it is for you to understand the sales area, then the easier it will be for you to implement it into your strategies.

. Creation Of Mutually Beneficial Content

Working with your sales team can help with spiking some new content ideas based on what feedback they might be hearing and the questions that are being asked by customers. Also, they can help you with creating content based on the information that they themselves might be looking for. You might not think about it, but creating useful content can seem time consuming and even tedious, but they can help you with new ideas.

Make sure that you are thinking about these ways that the search engine optimization and the sales teams can work together to help increase and grow the business at the same time. Go ahead and use these methods to get your teams working together so that your business can expand and benefit everyone involved.

It is extremely important that all of the teams in your business work together, especially the search engine optimization and the sales team. Each should have an understanding of what the other does and this can help the SEO agency to come up with the right strategy. It can also help you to come up with new content ideas that you might not have ever considered as well as keywords that wouldn’t have struck you.