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Professional Marketers Would Never Make These Mistakes Neither Should You


Marketing is a tricky industry practice to wrap your head around. That’s why marketing agencies make a killing selling their services to companies that have no idea where to start. There are plenty of mistakes you can make attempting to market your business. You need to avoid these and learn from the experts. Expert marketers would never be foolish enough to fall into these common pitfalls. You shouldn’t either.


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Marketing, Who Needs Marketing?

Well, everyone actually. There are numerous companies who think that their product doesn’t need to be marketed. Instead, they think that demand will pick up by itself. Or, that the product is so spectacular it doesn’t need to be marketed. Okay, let’s analyze this idea by heading to one of the most expensive industries, Hollywood. Hollywood producers regularly spend hundreds of millions on film budgets. Almost every blockbuster produced this year had a budget of over one hundred million. On top of that another hundred million or so was spent on market. This is true for franchises that already had a built-in customer base. Therefore the question you need to ask yourself is this. If Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal have to spend a fortune on marketing, what exactly are you selling that means you don’t need it? The answer is nothing.

Overspending In The Worst Way

The worst mindset you can have for marketing is that if you buy enough of it, it will pay for itself. Eventually, that might be true. However, that won’t make the time when you’re struggling with costs because of high marketing charges any easier. Marketing and promotion is expensive. Just look at PPC marketing. For PPC marketing you need PPC bid management. You must have this because otherwise you’re going to be handling and rejecting each bid manually. A lot of bigger marketing firms use automated bidding systems. However, there’s one mistake they won’t make. They won’t bid for something that is more than they can afford for two reasons. First, getting to the very top isn’t always crucial and second, it’s just bad budget handling. Don’t let your marketing costs drive your business into the ground.

Overspending In The Worst Way

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Failing To Be A Guest

It’s not what you can offer; it’s who you know and how you use their resources. In the marketing industry, this is just a fact. You have to reach out to sources and form partnerships that can help boost your brand. Guest posts are a brilliant marketing tactic that you should be using. Particularly, if your company works mainly online. Writing guest posts on blogs and news sites will generate interest in your business and get you, fresh customers. Professional marketers don’t miss opportunities like this. They know how great the impact of a guest post can be. Particularly, if it’s a source that customers find reliable and trustworthy.

Failing To Be A Guest

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Ignoring Little Fish

You want to sell to the biggest clients, right? Wrong, you want to sell to everyone. Don’t target the biggest businesses hoping you can make a name for yourself. Target beginners particularly if you are a beginner company as well. Working together, you can get a higher level of brand recognition. Then and only then should you try your luck at catching a shark.

Ignoring Little Fish

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