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The Formula For A Successful Dental SEO Campaign


More than 90% of site visits generated by search engines comes from the first page. With this incredible statistic in mind, it becomes increasingly clear that implementing an effective dental SEO campaign for your practice is imperative to sustaining visibility online. While you do not have to be a dental SEO expert yourself, it is recommended that you find one or become one before implementing search engine optimization strategies. If you decide to go it alone or outsource your dentist SEO needs, it is helpful for you to have an understanding of what is takes to produce a winning dental SEO campaign.

Is There a Wrong Way to Implement a Dental SEO Campaign?

Absolutely. There are a multitude of strategies that are implemented throughout the course of an dentist SEO campaign. Each method used can either help or harm your marketing efforts. For instance, if you decide to write blog posts and share them via your site, but your post do not include information that users find relevant, your site may be on its way to the bottom of the search engine results page (SERP). When you are implementing your SEO campaign, there are a number of activities that would be best to avoid.

  • Keyword Stuffing

Deciding to type something like “best dentist in Norway” 100 times on a list in order to rank higher on Google, will likely cost your site the ability to rank high. Search engines have matured greatly and do not take kindly to websites that don’t offer relevant and useful information.

  • Duplicate Content

If you have written an awesome blog post and wish to share it on other sites or on multiple pages within your site, think again. Search engines only index content one time, thus if your content comes across as duplicate information, they treat it as irrelevant.

  • Bad User Experience

Websites that users do not stay on due to a lag in speed, lack of relevant information, or unfavorable formatting can be another cause for reduced rankings.

How Can I Find Help?

Finding a company or professional to help you with implementing a successful seo dentist campaign can be a bit overwhelming, due to the incredible number of companies that are offering SEO services. If you want to cut down on the time it takes to find a tenable dental marketing company, there is a easy way to narrow your list down. Go to Google (or another search engine if you prefer) and type in your city and “dental SEO.” For example, if you live in Miami, you should type “Miami dental SEO.” Take a look at the results, and you will find the companies that have already executed a successful marketing campaign. You will want to also ensure that they have great reviews and are able to help you accomplish your business goals.

How Long Do I Have to Maintain an SEO Campaign?

It is important to be mindful of how long it will take to see results from a strong dentist SEO campaign. It can take a few weeks to months to begin seeing the results of higher page rankings and a sustained increase in traffic. In addition, it can take many more months to see that translated into additional clients. SEO strategies are comparable to making a home cooked meal, it will take longer than fast food, but it is much more sustainable and healthy for your dental practice in the long term.