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The Reason Why Internet Marketing is Popular Over Real-World Marketing


Marketing is a way to address and connect customers in an attempt to convince them to subscribe to a service or buying a product. Whatever the form of marketing is, it is important for every business. No business can be survived effectively without marketing and publicity.

Internet marketing or digital marketing is an activity carried out by using electronic media for promotion of services and goods. It is mainly an internet-based strategy of marketing for selling goods and services. Internet marketing benefits the businesses of all sizes providing reach to the target audience at an affordable price. Real world marketing also called print marketing or traditional marketing is the way of advertising through traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers flyers, and billboards etc.

The world has turned into a global village people are connected to each other through the internet.  We are living in a digital age and millions of people are spending time on digital platforms. Businesses know the importance of internet marketing, therefore, they are moving towards digital platforms to promote their goods.

The marketing is about linking and connecting to the right people, right place and at right time. Online marketing allows you to connect your target audience and personalized marketing. There are many benefits of internet marketing over real-world marketing. Here are some of the advantages:


Marketing and advertising is an important part of the business. Most of the businesses choose digital marketing for the business because of its low cost as compared to traditional marketing. For big businesses having to earn in millions usually has no issue in spending money on marketing but for small businesses, it is a big issue. Thus they want low-cost marketing alternatives. Digital marketing offers cost-effective and better-managed budget control alternative to traditional marketing. For instance, email marketing involves a very low cost. On the other hand TV ads, the cost is enormous.

Return on investment

The most important thing every businessman wants is the return on investment. When you invest a huge amount of money on the marketing of your products, you must want to get wonderful results in return to their investment. For instance, email marketing or other campaigns on social media cost too less as compared to traditional marketing and give huge results in return.  If you want to market your business and promote your products and services you can always check Search Media for online marketing services.

Specific audience

In the case of internet marketing, determining the target audience is much precise as compared to real-world marketing. For instance, if there is an ad in a newspaper, a reader will pick newspaper to read news not specifically for ads.

There are chances that the ad will skip by the reader. On the other hand in internet marketing, a person will only click on an ad if he/she wants that product or service. It involves targeted campaigns in which the ads are presented to the audience depending on their initial actions. Social media platforms, for instance, Facebook utilize a smart algorithm that gathers user preferences and previous actions. Therefore the specific ads are shown to the specific users. In turn, the likelihood of sale can be increased.

Enhanced engagement of customers

With internet marketing, more customers and audience can be engaged and involved in real time. When online, you can directly chat with the customers and talk about your brand and services. To engage more customers and reply to them immediately you also have to be more engaged with customers by investing more time towards marketing.

Improved conversion rates

Internet marketing can increase the rate of conversion. If you are using a website for your sale of products and services, the customer would be just a click away to buy your product or service. On another hand, with traditional marketing, you may have to make a phone call or go to the shop to buy your required product or avail service. In this way, the ease of process can increase the rate of conversion with internet marketing.

Real-time results

Another advantage of internet marketing over real-world marketing is the real-time results provided by internet marketing. With traditional marketing, you have to wait for a couple of weeks or even months to see the boost in your business and performance of marketing strategies used. Internet marketing allows us to get results for quick results. If the marketing strategy fails, the real-time monitoring tells us that exactly what and where is going wrong. Through internet marketing, we can see a number of visitors, bounce rates and conversion rates etc.

Easy to share

Most of the digital channels have features of sharing the campaigns, content, and articles with a number of followers. The ease of sharing of campaign and content about products and services will increase the chance of sales and enhance conversion rate.

Long term coverage

As compared to traditional marketing the internet marketing stay long for customers. The real world marketing may last for 2 to 4 weeks but internet marketing is a continuous process with evenly results for a long time span. For instance, if your website rank on the first page of search engine e.g. Google, it will stay visible for a long time for potential customers. With content marketing, you will better create your name in a professional leader and the reliability of your services or products will be later spread as a word of mouth.


The world has turned into a global village thanks to modern digital technologies including the internet. With internet marketing, the ad campaigns can be seen throughout the world. It is no longer limited to a local area or some part of the world. It allows small startups to get huge popularity and success throughout the world.

Whatever the strategy of marketing you use, the key to staying relevant and specific with your customers is the continuous engagement with your customers and target audience. As an effective enterprise owner, you will understand that there are countless marketing avenues and techniques available on the market for expanding your enterprise. Additionally, you realize that your marketing spending budget isn’t unlimited. You have to be very discerning with the ones you end up picking. For the reason that buyers are maximizing their dependence on the online market place as being a primary research and buying tool; they also use the internet to check product reviews. That is why it’s vital that you incorporate it with your marketing plan.